I provide bespoke advice so each person I work with receives exactly what they need to help them move their garden forward.
To help you understand what I can offer you I have put together three advice packages as examples:

Know What You Grow

  •  A walk around your garden with you to establish what plants you have and like. 
  • A technical visit to locate and identify the plants, possibilities and future potential of your garden. 
  • A report full of recommendations that will put you on track for the next 12 months.

Popular with people who have just got into gardening or recently moved house.


A Plan for the Future

  • A meeting to identify what you like about your garden, your preferred style of planting and choice of colours.
  • A technical visit to map the garden and its characteristics. 
  • A report with my findings and recommendations.
  • A sketch meeting to decide how to move the garden forward.
  • A suggested plant list to guide decision making.
  • A meeting to agree your plant choices
  • A scaled plan and planting list all ready for you to action on your timescale. 

Often requested by keen gardeners who have a mature garden or have added to their home and want to adjust their planting.


Continuing the Conversation

In addition to all of the elements of A Plan for the Future 

  •  2 visits over the following year so that we can discuss how the garden is developing, fine tune planting 
  •  Answers to any plant care queries you have.


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