How I work

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It all starts with a visit to you and your garden. We will talk about what you like about the present planting and what you would like to change. The crux of this meeting is to establish how you would like your garden to be, so we will discuss where seating will be situated, how you use the garden at different times of the year and what times of the day you ​are in your garden. To know how to move the garden forward to be a space you will enjoy we will need to determine what colours you like, what flower shapes you prefer, what styles of garden you prefer.


I will visit the garden and measure the boundaries, the location of all significant features, record all level changes and make a detailed record of all existing planting. I will carry out an assessment of the soil, its structure, ph levels around the garden and stone count. I will take a record of light levels and establish how the sun tracks round the garden to establish what type of plants will sit happily in your garden. I will also take a detailed photographic record.


Following the survey I will produce a Site Survey Report containing my assessment of the site and listing my recommendations for the planting design. This will be sent to you for your approval and comment.


Once I have received your response to the report I will draw up a scale plan using the online Shoot Gardening platform incorporating the planting design. On completion I will bring you a hard copy of the plan and plant list with costings or if you prefer I can share these with you online. 


If you would like me to organise the purchase and planting of the plants I am happy to undertake this for you. I purchase my plants from North Hill Nurseries a trade nursery that supplies Kew Garden, the RHS Wisley and the National Trust. The cost of plants purchased at trade is approximately 60% of the garden centre price.  Once planting has been completed I will transfer ownership of the garden plan to you if you would like to own it.

Going Forward

 I will come and see you in your garden 4 – 6 weeks after the planting has been completed to discuss after care, ensure all of the plants are happy in their space and answer any questions that you have. 

I have a continuing relationship with many of my clients. Gardens are constantly evolving and so it can be easier for clients to continue to share their plan rather than taking ownership. There is a small fee for this service but it has the benefit of allowing me to see into the plan and so be able to answer questions on particular plants or proposed changes to the garden.

If you have questions please contact me

 on 07972 561 920

or at [email protected]