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Hampshire garden plants Susan Bonnett Garden Advisor autumn Garden

Having met Susan through a ladies networking group, I was looking for help not to redesign my garden as I am happy with the shape and layout however, there were a number of plants that had "taken over", were not particularly attractive and my garden lacked colour outside of the summer months, when I tended to spend far too much money on bedding plants for that instant impact. 

With Susan's guidance and a lot of hard work on her and my part, we have completely transformed the garden, as well as my knowledge! We have taken out a lot of the plants and moved some, binned some and added plants that will come back year after year , providing colour throughout the seasons. 

Whatever you are looking to achieve, Susan has the patience, knowledge and guidance to help you become the owner of a garden that you can not only enjoy, but nuture with her ongoing advice, thank you again Susan, I cannot wait to watch the season unfold!"

Mrs R Longparish

Surrey Garden planting Susan Bonnett Garden Advisor summer flowers

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I met Susan not long after we moved to Farnham earlier this year and she absolutely transformed our garden! Trustworthy, extremely knowledgeable and lovely - she rose to the challenge admirably and delivered a stunning, colourful garden that I am able to maintain. Plus she continues to stay in touch for helpful tips and advice when she has officially finished. 

Mrs W - Farnham

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When Susan first visited our fairly large mature garden it was in a rather embarrassingly neglected state. A lot of shrubs had died from old age and waist-high weeds had taken their place. 

Susan arrived and made her assessments; took soil samples and measurements and wrote us a long report. Moving clockwise around the garden Susan identified the plant species we had and advised on what to do with them - prune, feed, remove, or move to another location. She also suggested where to source hire-tools and labour. This was hugely helpful in itself. Once the work was done she supplied us with a fantastic planting plan and sourced all the plants for us from a trade nursery - as well as compost and plant foods - which we then put in.

And now we wait... I am very excited about the coming summer to see how our garden will develop. Every day I take a walk round looking for signs of growth and it's only February! On my own I have never been a very successful gardener but Susan's knowledgeable guidance has given me the confidence that this will be money well spent and a joy for many years to come!

Mrs R - Farnham, Surrey

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Thank you for all your help and advice in the garden it has definitely given me renewed enthusiasm and confidence to give things a try and get rid of some things.

I will definitely be in touch again for more advice and help in the future.

Mrs W - Horsell, Surrey

Surrey garden plants Susan Bonnett Garden Advisor summer flowers

Barbara Cosgrave

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The wonderful Susan Bonnett is in the process of restoring my garden after a few years neglect. 

Susan is super professional, and has such a depth of knowledge that encompasses all the technical details about soil, light, drainage, proportion and design, colour schemes, how to bounce light around in dark corners, and of course, what to plant where and when.

I am beyond impressed with her knowledge, how hard she works and her complete and total cheerfulness - even in the rain!

As a person who works in design and colour myself, albeit in a different way, with bodies not gardens, I find in Susan a person who I am completely happy to leave to make all the decisions about design in my garden.

I just know it will be wonderful and I can leave everything to her.

Mrs C - Woking Surrey

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Sometimes you need a different set of eyes other than your own because you can't see the wood for the trees and that is why I approached Susan's for her expertise in this area. 

I have a fairly large garden and in a particular section, I had many ideas that really weren't working out. Susan viewed the garden and straight away provided me with a solution that, 1) wouldn't cost me the earth and 2) it was such a simple idea that I really hadn't thought of. 

Susan was able to provide me with further information on the plants and how to treat them. 

A very professional lady who has such a wealth of knowledge and expertise. I would highly recommend Susan if you need help with your plants/gardens!

Mrs H - Camberley, Surrey

Thanks - you've achieved so much & its going to be glorious this summer and beyond

Mrs P - Farnham, Surrey

I just want to say a huge thank you to Susan who has made my garden into a fairy paradise with a wonderful selection of plants and flowers!

The whole process was so enjoyable! Susan devised a plan as to which plants would achieve the kind of garden I had in mind.

We then had a fun trip to the nursery where I got to see all the flowers on the plan – and got to choose a few more!

Then I chose to join Susan planting and in the end we had a wonderful creation that just keeps on giving!!

Thank you Susan so much for giving me such a delightful garden to enjoy!

Ms C - Hampshire

An absolute treasure

Mrs P - Frimely, Surre​y

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